A Chorus Line Wiki


a full-length version of the Pulitzer Prize-winning musical, adapted for performance by high school students with family audiences. Every aspect of the show has been developed specifically for high school performers: dialogue and content are age-appropriate, dance sequences are of a length befitting high school dancers, and allowances are made to feature actors of any race or ethnicity. The materials have been prepared -- with the authors' approval -- to help you school or organization mount the best possible production and to give your students an exciting and rewarding experience.


Though it remains a full-length musical, A Chorus Line: Teen Edition differs from the original version in several ways. Here are some examples of the changes:

  • The character of "Larry" is now "Lori," allowing for an additional female principal role.
  • No references to smoking or suicide.
  • Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Love no longer contains any explicit sexual content.
  • Dance: Ten; Looks: Three now features the refrain This and That and does no explicitly reference the character's anatomy.
  • No "R-rated" profanity.
  • The tap sequence is slightly shorter.
  • Alternate dialogue is provided for more flexible casting of Connie, Richie and Judy, who can be played by actors of any race or height.