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Brian Adam Frank (b. 1996) is an actor from Long Island, New York. For A Chorus Line, he portrayed the role of Greg Gardner in the theater production in CM Performing Arts Center in Oakdale, New York.


After graduating from Connetquot High School in the class of 2014, Brian attended college in Stony Brook University. Brian now works as a theater actor in CM Performing Arts Center in Oakdale.

Role on A Chorus Line[]

In December 2022, during the 50th season of CM Performing Arts Center, Brian auditioned for the role of Greg Gardner on A Chorus Line and landed the role. With his role as Greg, his parts include his singing in "Gimme the Ball". When Greg is absent, understudy actor Brendan Bitler will understudy the role. The show ran from January 28 through February 11, 2023.