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Greg Gardner
Vital statistics
Position 5th from the start
Age 32
Status Cut
Physical attributes
Height 6'0
Weight Unknown

Sidney Kenneth Beckenstein or Rochmel Lev Ben Yokov Meyer Beckenstein, but better known as Gregory "Greg" Gardner is one of the auditioners. He gets through the primary cut.


Greg was born in the east-side on August 2 1943. Making him 32. According to Greg, at school, the teacher would ask Greg to stand up, but Greg would have an erection, making it nigh on impossible to do so without risk of humiliation. Greg would always say he couldn't due to a 'pain in his side'. Or when walking down the hall, he'd have to have his books in front of him to hide it. He also said to get aroused just thinking about the bus (likely due to the vibrations from riding.) Greg then goes on to how he was kissing a girl named Sally Ketchum, and then Sally asked if they wanted to have sex, Greg thought to himself he didn't. This was the first time he realised he was gay.

Songs/Lyrics Sung[]

Signature Clothing[]

Greg will normally wear a black long sleeve crop top with a yellow line going around the neck, around the shoulders, and around the elbows, and black leather pants with black leather boots.


  • Michel Stuart-Original 1975 Broadway Performance
  • Justin Ross-1985 Movie
  • Michael Paternostro-2006 Revival