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Juliana Jagielo (b. March 18, year unknown) is an actress and ballet dancer from Brentwood, New York. For A Chorus Line, she portrayed the role of Judy Turner in the theater production in CM Performing Arts Center in Oakdale, New York.


Early Life[]

Juliana attended Brentwood Union Free School District, but it's unknown what year she graduated. In her schools, Juliana dreamed of becoming a great theater actress and ballet dancer. As a young adult, Juliana worked as a front-end clerk at Stop & Shop in Sayville, NY. She also got a job as a ballet teacher at Ballet Long Island in Ronkonkoma, NY.

College Years[]

After leaving her job at Ballet Long Island, Juliana entered Suffolk County Community College in 2014. During her college life, she studies theater arts and ballet.

Current Life[]

Juliana now works as a theater actress and co-dance captain at CM Performing Arts Center in Oakdale, NY. Her parents are now deceased. Juliana owns two Black Lab dogs.

Role on A Chorus Line[]

In December 2022, during the 50th season of CM Performing Arts Center, Juliana auditioned for the role of Judy Turner on A Chorus Line and landed the role. She was also the co-dance captain for the show. With her role as Judy, her parts include her singing in "And...". When Juliana is absent, ensemblist Katelyn Harold will understudy the role. The show ran from January 28 through February 11, 2023.

Other roles[]


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  • Mamma Mia (CM Performing Arts): Ensemble


  • All Shook Up (CM Performing Arts): Ensemble


  • Beauty and the Beast (CM Performing Arts Center): Unknown


  • The Prom (CM Performing Arts Center): Ensemble


  • Footloose (CM Performing Arts Center): Ensemble