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Original portrayal by Renee Baughman. (Martha Swope)

Kristine Erlich is one of the auditioners in A Chorus Line who makes it past the initial cut. Originally portrayed on Broadway by Renee Baughman, her background is largely drawn from the life stories of Baughman and Denise Boockvor.


She gives her full name as Kristine Evelyn Erlich and born in St. Louis, Missouri on September 1, 1953, which would make her 22 at the time of the play's premiere. She also reveals she is married to fellow auditioner Al DeLuca. Her usual costume is a brown wrap leotard with black fishnet stockings, black shoes, a pendent necklace, and wedding ring.

Early Life/Family[]

From an early age, Kristine enjoyed dancing along to the radio and watched The Ed Sullivan Show every week. She began taking formal lessons after a salesman visited the house and persuaded her parents that she could be famous. Despite her lessons and idolization of Doris Day, she is unable to carry a tune.

According to "The Montage", in her adolescence she once accidentally saw her father naked, did not go to her high school prom, and kissed other girls for practice "a couple times". She makes no mention of siblings, and she and Al do not appear to have any children.

The Audition[]

Kristine's number during "I Hope I Get It" is 10. Early on the audience sees she is a very tense character in her manner of dancing. She stands by Al for constant support and is so flustered he often has to finish her sentences. Near the end of the play, she agrees with Connie's statement about retiring to a home and kids, "just not right away." She is not chosen as one of the final eight.

During original workshops for A Chorus Line, Kristine and Al had much bigger roles discussing what it was like when spouses auditioned together and one wouldn't get the job.

The Movie[]

As portrayed by Nicole Fosse, the Kristine character in the 1985 movie adaptation of A Chorus Line is slightly altered. Her age is reduced to 18, she is meeker in addition to being scatterbrained, and initially wants to leave the audition when Zach asks the dancers to talk about themselves. While she talks about first getting lessons from a salesman, the "Sing!" number is eliminated entirely, along with her lines in "The Montage." She is still not one of the final eight chosen.