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And...At The BalletBebe Benzenheimer
Bobby MillsCassie FergusonConnie Wong
Cut dancersDance Ten, Looks ThreeDiana Morales
Greg GardnerI Can Do ThatI Hope I Get It
It's All In HereJudy TurnerKristine Urich
LarryLet Me Dance For YouMaggie Winslow
Mark AnthonyMike CostaMontage, Part Four- Gimme The Ball
Montage, Part One- Hello 12, Hello 13, Hello LoveMontage, Part Three- MotherMontage, Part Two- Nothing
One (Finale)One (Rehearsal)Paul San Marco
Sheila BryantSing!Surprise, Surprise
The Music And The MirrorThe Tap CombinationVal Clarke
What I Did For LoveZach
File:"Bobby's Monologue And" from A CHORUS LINEFile:"One (Rehearsal)" from A CHORUS LINEFile:"SING".mov
File:"What I Did for Love" Marvin Hamlisch Tribute by Jason Alexander, Pasadena Pops, Valerie PerriFile:$(KGrHqR,!q0E88giIPE!BP,ec RhIg~~60 12.jpgFile:11557 full.jpg
File:312847 large.jpgFile:4572039479 496e151932.jpgFile:4572047123 3c050b1833.jpg
File:4572053615 6f0e120c05.jpgFile:49672.jpgFile:4° Montage (Gimme the Ball) - Chorus Line - 2006 Revival
File:5chorus-line-1-154 retouched.jpgFile:82155.jpgFile:ACL17.jpg
File:ACL23.jpgFile:A Chorus Line - "I Hope I Get It" on the Tony AwardsFile:A Chorus Line - At The Ballet - London 2013 Cast
File:A Chorus Line - Broadway 3,389th performance finaleFile:A Chorus Line - Mark MonologueFile:A Chorus Line - The Music and the Mirror - Charlotte d'Amboise
File:A Chorus Line Audition sceneFile:A Chorus Line Part 9 - One (Rehearsal) Zach-Cassie Fight - Up Stage Left ProductionsFile:A Chorus Line on Geraldo, 1990, "I Can Do That", Matthew Petersen
File:A Chrous LINE- Let Me Dance For YouFile:A chorus line.jpgFile:Alexandra Fassler as Diana Morales in A Chorus Line
File:At the BalletFile:Bobby Mills.jpgFile:Chorus38.jpg
File:Chorus Line Audition, PaulFile:Choruslinemedia8.jpgFile:Dance 10; Looks 3
File:Donna McKechnie Music and the Mirror Chorus LineFile:Every Little Step - Mara - At The BalletFile:Example.jpg
File:Favicon.icoFile:Fiorella Nolis è "Connie" in A Chorus LineFile:Fiorella Nolis è "Connie" in A Chorus Line-0
File:Forum new.gifFile:Greg Gardner.jpgFile:I-Hope-I-Get-It-Photography-by-Manuel-Harlan.jpg
File:I Can Do ThatFile:I Hope I Get ItFile:Index.jpg
File:Index (2).jpgFile:Indexc.jpgFile:Indextap.jpg
File:Indexzach.jpgFile:It's All in Here (Bonus Track)File:Jessica Lee Goldyn - Dance Ten; Looks Three
File:Kelly Bishop AT THE BALLET Chorus LineFile:Let Me Dance For You - A Chorus Line (Soundtrack)File:Lucy Jane Adcock as Judy (Little Brat onwards till Greg's part) - A Chorus Line
File:Matthew-J.-Vargo-Greg-Chryssie-Whitehead-Cassie-Sherisse-Springer-Sheila-Matthew-Williams-Bobby-Camden-Gonzales-Bebe-and-Marisa-Field-Judy-in-Musical-Theatre-West’s-A-CHORUS-LINE..jpgFile:Mike.jpgFile:Montage Part 1 Hello Twelve - A Chorus Line - WAWWA The Musical Youth
File:Montage Part 3 A CHORUS LINEFile:Montage Part 3 A CHORUS LINE-0File:Natalie Cortez - Nothing
File:SING!File:Scarlett-Strallen-as-Cassie.-Photography-by-Manuel-Harlan.jpgFile:Screenshot 2016-01-23 at 4.01.14 PM.png
File:Screenshot 2016-02-07 at 5.43.22 PM.pngFile:Sing! - A Chorus LineFile:Surprise, Surprise.
File:Tap CombinationFile:Wiki-background
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