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4° Montage (Gimme the Ball) - Chorus Line - 2006 Revival

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London revival featuring James T. Lane. (Manuel Harlin)

"Montage, Part Four: Gimme The Ball" is the ninth musical number in A Chorus Line, and is performed by the whole company.


Judy: It was the first time I ever saw a dead body!
But then when I was fifteen the most terrible thing happened,
The Ted Mack Amateur Hour held auditions in St. Louis
And I didn't hear about it till after they'd gone
And I nearly killed myself!
I nearly killed myself!
I tried to walk in front of a speeding streetcar!
And I remember noticing boys for the first time.
Anyway, I do remember practicing kissing with Leslie. She was my best girlfriend. Did any of you ever practice kissing with another girl?
So when the time came you'd know how to? No? Oh!
Kristine: Judy?
Judy: Did you girl?
Kristine: Only a couple of times.
Sheila: Oh, count me in!
Judy: Thank God! Anyway, I do remember...
Greg:...the worst thing in school was that every time the teacher called on me
I'd be hard! I'd be hard!
I mean, I had to lean against the desk, like this. And the teacher would say
"Stand up straight!"
I can't, I have a pain in my...side
Stand up straight!
Or walking down the halls, you'd have to walk, like this,
With all your books stacked up in front of you.
Mike: Yeah, I did too. I thought I was a sex maniac!
Connie and Maggie: You are!!
Bobby: Me too. It didn't go down for three years.
Greg: Oh, and the bus. The bus was the worst. I'd take even one look at a bus and...
And then there was the time I was making out with Sally Ketchum in the back seat of the car. We were kissing and necking and I was feeling her boobs. And after about an hour or so, she said,
Ohhh, don't you wanna feel anything else?
And I suddenly thought to myself, "No, I don't."
Zach: Did this come as a surprise to you?
Greg: Well, I guess yeah, because it was the first time I realized I was homosexual. And I got so depressed, because I thought being gay meant being a bum all the rest of my life. And I said,
Gee, I'll never get to wear nice clothes!
And I was really into clothes! I had these pink and powder blue gabardine pants...
All: Goodbye twelve, goodbye thirteen,
Hello love
Al: Early to bed, early to rise, your broad goes out with other guys.
Cassie: A diaphragm, a diaphragm, I thought a diaphragm was up here where you breathe
Don: I bought a car; I bought my first car!
Mike: Padiddle!
All: Changes oh, down below,
Up a-
Connie: You're not leaving this house until you're twenty-one
Mark: Every girl I know has lockjaw of the legs
Maggie: Life is an ashtray
Kristine: The ugliest boy asked me to Prom. I stayed home.
Val: Shit! Made it through high school without growing tits!
All: Doubt, to break out
It's a mess
Richie: My trouble is wine, women, and song, and I can't get any of them
Mike: Your brother's going to medical school, and you're dropping out to be a chorus boy, Nothing!
Bebe: Steve McQueen out! Nureyev in!
Al: I got Nancy's picture, Annabelle's locket, Cynthia's ring, and Lucy's pants
All: Time to grow, time to go
Diana: You gotta know somebody to be somebody
Sheila: All you run around with are bums
Maggie: Graduation!
Richie: Let's dance! Let's dance!
Al: Head on collision, Eddie got killed!
Paul: What am I gonna say when he calls on me?
Judy + Kristine: My only adolescence
Bebe + Diana: Where did it go it was so
Greg, Bobby + Mike: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior
Don, Sheila, Maggie + Val: Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen
Cassie, Connie, Mark, Paul, Larry, Al + Richie: Suddenly I'm seventeen and
All: Suddenly I'm seventeen and
Suddenly I'm seventeen and
There's a lot I am not
Certain of
Goodbye twelve, goodbye thirteen
Boys I: Wah, wah wah wah wah, wah wah wah wah
Boys II: Doo, doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo ah
Girls I: Doo dit, dit doo dit, dit doo dit, dit doo dit
Girls II: Du de du de du de du de doo dit
Richie: Gimme the ball, gimme the ball, gimme the ball,
Gimme the ball, gimme the ball, gimme the ball,
I was always running around shouting
Gimme the ball, gimme the ball, gimme the ball,
I was so enthusiastic I was into everything
The yearbook was filled with my picture
And I was lucky cause I got
A scholarship to college!
A scholarship to college!
So I went
All: (so he went)
Richie: Yes I went
All: (yes he went)
So I'm gonna be this kindergarten teacher-
Can you imagine me this kindergarten teacher?
And I thought Shit
All: (Shit, Richie)
Richie: Shit!
All: (shit, Richie) (cont.)
Richie: What are you gonna be
When you get shoved outta here
Honey, ain't nobody gonna be standing there
With no scholarship to life
And I was scared
All:(shit, Richie)
Richie: scared
All: (shit, Richie)
Richie: Scared
All: (shit, Richie) Richie: Scared!!
All: (shit, Richie!)
Girls: My braces gone
Boys: My pimples gone
All: My childhood gone goodbye
Goodbye twelve, goodbye thirteen
Goodbye fourteen, goodbye fifteen
Goodbye sixteen, goodbye seventeen
Hello love
Go to it, go to it
Go to it, go to it
Go to it, go to it
Boys/Girls: And now life really begins (go to it)
And now life really begins (go to it)
And now life really begins (go to it)
And now life really begins (go to it)
(All)Go to it!