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Montage Part 1 Hello Twelve - A Chorus Line - WAWWA The Musical Youth


Revival Connie portrayal by Yuka Takara. (Paul Kolnik)

"Montage, Part One: Hello 12, Hello 13, Hello Love" is the sixth musical number in A Chorus Line, and is performed by the whole company.


Mark: [spoken]Well, I get the feeling that most of you always knew what you wanted to do. Me,I didn't! I was just a kid for awhile. Oh, then one day, well, my father had this fabulous library in the back of the house, and when I was about eleven, I guess, I found this medical textbook. It had pictures of the male and female anatomy. Well, I thought that was pretty interesting. I used to read that book a lot!
Zach: Were you interested in medicine, or just the pictures?
Mark: Well, no, I...
(Sung variously as solos until all join in)
Hello, twelve, hello, thirteen
Hello, love
Changes, oh, down below
Up above
Time to doubt, to break out
It's a mess (it's a mess)
Time to grow, time to go
Adolesce (adolesce)
Too young to take over,
Too old to ignore
Gee! I'm almost ready
But what for?
There's a lot I am not
Certain of
Hello twelve, hello thirteen
Hello, love
Mark: And from the book I diagnosed my own appendicitis.
Next day I went to the doctor down the block,
Sure enough, acute appendicitis!
They rushed me right to the hospital
Well, I figured this book would cover everything
The rest of my life!
And then when I turned thirteen, I had my first - wet dream. Well, I went right to the medical journal. Milky discharge...milky discharge, milky discharge
I was in shock.
Before I'd even started. I was terrified. I couldn't tell my mother I had
So, the book said drink a lot of water
Zach: Is that all it said?
Mark: No, it said take penicillan-strepto-something or other, but I couldn't do that unless I told someone,
So all I could do was drink the water,
And I drank like twenty glasses a day
For three weeks. I almost drowned!
Finally, I went to Confession, and I told the priest I had gonorrhea. He was in shock, too.
Who have you been with, my son?
Nobody, nobody
Then how can you have gonorrhea?
Well, I told him about the medical diagnosis and he set me straight. And, you know, it's the only time the Church ever helped me out! Well, I was...
Connie: four foot ten, four foot ten
That's the story of my life
I remember when everybody was my size!
Boy, was that great. Then everybody started moving up, and there I was, stuck at
Four foot ten, four foot ten
But I kept hoping and praying.
I used to hang from a parallel bar
By the hour
Hoping I'd stretch just an inch more
Cause I was into dancing then, and I was good! And I wanted so much to grow up to become a prima ballerina. Then I went out for
Cheerleader! But they told me "No dice. You'll get lost on the football field. The pom-poms are bigger than you!" I spent my whole life waiting to grow...
Val: ...Tits! When am I gonna grow tits?
Paul: Secret, my whole life was a secret
Mike: One little fart and they called me stinky for three years. Ahhh!!
All: Goodbye 12, goodbye 13, hello love
Bebe: Robert Goulet, Robert Goulet, my God, Robert Goulet!
All: Oh, down below, up above
Don: Playing doctor with Evelyn
All: La la la la la
Richie: I'll show you mine, you show me yours
All: La la
Kristine: Seeing daddy naked!
All: Time to grow, time to go
Sheila: Surprise!
All: La la la
Sheila: Mom and dad were doing it.
Bobby: I'm gonna be a movie star

Connie: But the only thing about me that grew was my desire
I was never gonna be Maria Tallchief. I was just
This peanut on pointe! That was my whole trip. It still is. I mean, my last show I was 32 and I played a 14-year-old brat-
Zach: A-ha! 32, Year of the Chicken.
Richie: Puck-puck-puck, girl!
Connie: So I got caught. But I don't look it, and I guess I shouldn't knock it, cause I've always been able to get work
From the time I was five in
King and I, King and I
Up to now, I've never stopped
Cause whatever I am, I am..

Alternate Lyrics[]

If the actress playing Connie is not Asian, there is an alternate verse for the reveal of her age:

Zach: 32? I thought you said you were 25.
Richie: (laughs)
Connie: So I got caught. But I don't look it, and I guess I shouldn't knock it, cause I've always been able to get work
From the time I was five in
Summer stock, summer stock
Up to now, I've never stopped
Cause whatever I am, I am...