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Montage Part 3 A CHORUS LINE-0


Revival portrayal with Charlotte d'Amboise, Mara Davi, Brad Anderson, and Tony Yazbeck. (Paul Kolknik)

"Montage, Part Three: Mother" is the eighth musical number in A Chorus Line, and performed by the whole company.


Diana: I mean, I didn't want him to die or anything, but...
Don: The summer I turned fifteen, I lied about my age so I could join AGVA, you know,
The night club union.
Cause I could make sixty dollars a week
Working these strip joints
Outside of Kansas City.
I worked this one club for about eight weeks straight
And I really became friendly with this stripper.
Her name was Lolita Torres, with her dynamic twin forty-fours. She really took to me, after all, we did share the only dressing room and she did a lot of dressing!
Anyway, she used to come and pick me up and
Drive me to work nights.
Well, the neighbors would all be hanging outside of their windows
And she'd drive up in her big pink Cadillac convertible
And smile.
I'd come tripping out with my tap shoes and tux and we'd go driving down the block, her long red hair blowing in the wind.
Al: Goodbye twelve, goodbye thirteen,
All: Hello love
Maggie: Why do I pay for all these lessons? Dance for grandma, dance for grandma!
All: Ba, ba da da, ba da da
Bebe: My God, that Steve McQueen's real sexy, Bob Goulet out, Steve McQueen in!
All: Ba ba da da ba da da
Cassie: You cannot go to the movies until you finish your homework
All: Ba da da
Al: Wash the car
All: Ba da da
Mike: Stop picking your nose
All: Ba da
Maggie: Oh darling you're not old enough to wear a bra
You've got nothing to hold it up
All: Ba da da, ba da da ba da da
Mark: Locked in the bathroom with Peyton Place!
All: Ba da da, ba da da, ba da
Val: Tits! When am I gonna grow tits?
Bobby: If Troy Donahue can be a movie star, then I can be a movie star.
Don: So all the guys wanted to know all the hot details of our affair, but actually she was going with this...
Judy:...little brat! That's what my sister was,
A little brat! And that's
Why I shaved her head
I'm glad I shaved her head!
But then my father lost his job
And we had to leave El Paso
And we wound up in St. Louis, Missouri!
Well, it was the furthest thing from my mind
To be a dancer,
But my mother would embarrass me
Cause she used to pick me up from
School with all those great big yellow rollers in her hair
No matter how much I begged her
And she'd say: "What are you, ashamed of your own mother?!"
But the thing that made my daddy laugh so much
Was when I used to jump and dance around the living room...
Maggie: Please take this message to mother from me
Carry it with you across the blue sea...
Mother, oh mother, wherever you go,
Your Maggie is missing you so.
Mother, oh mother, wherever you go,
Your Maggie is missing you so.
Al: Dad would take mom to Roseland
She'd come home with her shoes in her hand.
Diana: Mama fat, always in the kitchen cooking all the time.
Sheila: Darling, I can tell you now
Your father went through life with an open fly.
Val: Tits, where are my tits?
Cassie: Listen to your mother, those stage and movie people got there
Because they're special.
Greg: You take after your father's side of the family.
The ugly side.
Paul: Wait until your father gets home!
Don: Swear to God and hope to die.