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Chorus Line Audition, Paul

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Jason Tam as Paul San Marco.

Paul San Marco is one of the auditioners in A Chorus Line who makes it past the initial cut. Originally portrayed on Broadway by Sammy Williams. The life story of the character belongs to Nicholas Dante.

Paul San Marco's Back-story[]

Paul San Marco is born in Spanish Harlem to Puerto Rican parents. He is shown to be a friend of Diana Morales. Paul describes him self as "terribly effeminate" when he was a child and as being obsessed with movies and musical theatre, especially Cyd Charisse. He briefly describes being molested in a movie theater when he was a child, and then cannot continue with the question of why he did not think telling anyone about it would be "important." Paul then describes being bullied severely at his Catholic High School and subsequently dropping out at age 15. After dropping out, he tries to find the true definition of what it is to be a man and also starts working as a performer at the Jewel Box Revue, a famous drag show. Because of his size he can only get work as a "pony" (one of the boys dressed as a girl). He must hide this from his Catholic parents. While he does not enjoy the lack of dignity most of the performers seem to have, he does enjoy performing. Unbeknownst to Paul, his parents arrive early to drop off his luggage for his travels to Chicago with the Show (he had told them to come after the show was over) and see him in full drag. Despite initial shock and coldness, his family shows a modest acceptance for him and his father asks the producers to, "Take care of [his] son." Paul then breaks down and cries, ending the interview with Zach.

Later Paul falls during the tap combination and hurts his knee. He can not continue with the audition, and his future as a performer is unclear.