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Surprise, Surprise.

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Movie portrayals by Janet Jones, Gregg Burge, and Michelle Johnston. (photographer unknown)

"Surprise, Surprise" is the replacement number for "The Montage" from the 1985 movie adapation of A Chorus Line, and is mostly performed by Richie.


First time we made love, it was a great big deal
i was too scared to feel nervous from tryin
next time we made love, still we we were not a hit
well i thought if this is it everyone's lying
but then we did it again
and i forgot to be scared, i guess
cause when we did it again, i closed my eyes
surprise. surprise. surprise. surprise.
surprise...surprise, ungh, surprise!
sweet icicle hot, smooth as a lemon pie
sailing across the sky into the ocean
we liked it alot, you can imagine why
we have begun to fly feelings in motion
and when we did it again
i thought it was a beginners luck
or is it wonderful once in each three tries?
it was a sweet surprise, icicle hot
smooth as a lemon pie
surprise surprise, surprise surprise